Software Development

OBS Software Development services was born out of a decade of building inexpensive software solutions, by partnering companies around the world who specialise in certain technologies. So, if you want a small website designed and built for as little as £500, then we have the people to do it. As you would expect, we will be using leading development tools such as WordPress and, so that the results are always professional but the build is quick and inexpensive. If you want a full-on web portal built from scratch then we have other partners who will build that for you, whether it’s in dot net, Java or PHP technology. All at one third of the price that you would normally expect. We can also offer full project management services to ensure that the job goes smoothly.

For a quick specification and quotation, get in touch via telephone or email.


We’ve been in the Telecoms market for over a decade now, and at OBS we know that the bane of everyone’s life is Computer Telephony Integration. Projects like putting telephony controls inside Salesforce, or how to pull information from one third party application into another. Well, we now have something called The CTI Touch Toolkit, which comes with its own professional services. This can make light work of complex integrations, particularly when a PBX is involved. So whether its Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel or whatever,  if you want some middleware which will integrate your telephony into two or more third party applications, then we can do it for you. Quickly and inexpensively.

Here are some examples of briefs we have responded to:

“We use and when a call comes in we want the contact record to pop onto the PC screen and then we want to manage the phone call using “Answer call” “Transfer Call” “Hold Call” and “Hang Up call” using telephony controls on the contact page”

“I have three PBXs in my organisation and I want to integrate them into one PC application like screen-popping”

“I want to add information into my Dialler by using DTMF tones on the phone”

“We use Microsoft Dynamics and we want a Click-to-Dial Button integrated into the contact page”

“When I open my CRM, I want to be able to retrieve the last 5 recorded conversations that we had with that contact, in a pop up window”

“Can you give me position in queue and estimated time to answer for my In-Queue messaging on my Avaya IP Office PBX platform?

For a quick specification and quotation, get in touch via telephone or email.