OBS specialises in the delivery and support of Software as a Service (SaaS)SaaS solutions are those in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted” solutions.
We are the leading reseller for Comprobo - the UK-based software house behind the development of easy-to-use products
that improve results and drive down the cost of e-learning whilst verifying the identity of the individual concerned.

Download: RoboProctor Overview

Due to growing demand for remote, automated ‘Proctoring’ to deter and detect cheating we can now integrate our ability to verify the individual and monitor the delivery of the content with providers whose customers could benefit from such assurance and evidencing.

Automated proctoring is not suitable for all assessments but can provide significant benefits and cost-saving in circumstances where its use is appropriate.

Key features of RoboProctor (fully configurable):

  • No plugin or program required to be installed on users’ devices.
  • Pre-assessment setup routine to control position of face relative to camera.
  • Picture taken of users’ Photo ID.
  • Controlling users’ webcam to take random sequence of photos or video during the assessment.
  • Facial recognition and matching to profile photo in student profile or employee HR record.
  • Checks for webcam spoofing (installed programs or photograph).
  • Snapshot of browser content taken at random or pre-defined intervals.
  • Recording of entire activity on website for playback in the future.
  • Detection when browser focus moves away from LMS content tab (e.g. to other websites).
  • Mechanisms to detect when user might be looking elsewhere from their assessment (other devices or materials).
  • Detection of use of ‘Cut and Paste’.
  • Automatic grading of suspicious behaviour e.g. ‘traffic lights’ to assist administrators.

RoboProctor combines the best of Presence Assure and View assure to offer a fail-safe remote proctoring service.

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