OBS is the UK distributor for GTI products for the Avaya IP Office system and for the Quick range of products for Alcatel-Lucent systems. We provide expert advice and guidance in addition to the full range of implementation and post-sales support services.

Voice Recording

GTI RECORD is an Avaya call recorder which interoperates with the IP Office via CSTA. This extension side recorder is 100% accurate enriching call recordings with all of the possible telephony data to enable swift retrieval. GTI RECORD records all types of handsets including IP, Digital and Analogue. With the VoIP only solution when all handsets are IP, no intermediary hardware is required.

Automated Alerting Solution

Essential H&S solution that automatically alerts key personnel in the event of an emergency and records the calls for future reference

A Predictive and Progressive Dialler

QuickCAMPAIGN is a mid-market, campaigns-based outbound dialling solution. It interoperates via CSTA with the PBX and allows you to overdial in order to maximise the number of outbound calls handled by your agents. To ensure that country laws are not broken call backs are automatically scheduled on a one-to-one progressive basis. It's ideal for 5 to 30 Agents

It’s not Click-to-Dial, its better!

Actually, you can have click-to-dial in certain applications, but QuickDIAL works in every windows-based application. Even from an email or direct from a Google search! Simple highlight the number, hit the hot keys and the computer dials out the number. When your phone starts ringing, answer it and you are connected. Click to Dial buttons are a customisable optional extra.

CTI Touch Toolkit

This is not a packaged product but a service offered to integrate any CRM application to any other application. Suppose you are on a contact page in and you want to see how many call recordings you have for that customer in the last month, then we can use our toolkit to connect one application to another in order to pull back all of the recordings into the CRM. Whatever your integration requirements, get the people who can really help you to quote.