Each solution we offer has particular resonance in a number of markets without the need for expensive customisation. Immediate payback is gained from the adoption of SaaS solutions

Many front-line healthcare professional receive training and practice updates electronically but there is little follow-up or verification that the information provided has been received or understood by the intended recipient. Our solutions rectify these issues by:

  • Simple to use yet highly validated system
  • Upload your training videos /documents to OBS servers
  • Select employees for training courses
  • Employees undertake training on their own devices if required
  • Maintain training records & certificates matched to photo identity
  • Optional link to site access control via photo ID (facial recognition)
  • Kiosks & tablets can be utilised at site entry points
  • Set deadlines
  • Monitor results
  • Maintain detailed audit records of each session
  • Demonstrate ‘best practice’and robust processes

Scientists at work