Blog #1: Introduction

Blog #1: Introduction

I’ve decided to scribble my thoughts down on paper on an irregular basis – and to be completely honest this is mainly because I have just set up Original Business Solutions ( but also because I have always enjoyed writing – ever since the quill and ink days of school.

I suppose writing a blog is a bit of a vanity project – who, if anybody, is actually interested in what I have to say? Will the world be a better place if I expose my thoughts, feelings and occasionally prejudices? Probably not – and this exercise in self-fulfilment may be a total waste of time in terms of audience reach and thought leadership but I’m going to do it anyway – if only to assuage my own internal requirements.

I will benefit from it as the time it takes will stop me from watching so much sport on the TV and maybe get me out of walking the dogs (some hope!) – the only impediment to producing this trivia will be my own self-discipline and avoiding catching a very nasty disease.

I’ve decided to cover a variety of topics ranging from promotion of our business and its wonderful solutions (check them out), through to living in deepest, darkest Hampshire where the pheasants outnumber the humans by 1,000 to 1, and everything in-between including commenting on events and news stories. I appreciate that the latter may either endear or disenchant my readers (assuming I have any) but what the hell – I’m well on the way to becoming a grumpy old man and if they can make a few TV series out of intolerant celebrities then I can have a go as well.

So there you have it – I primarily aim to be entertaining and if anything else drops out then it will be a bonus. As for me, my English writing will improve and hopefully I’ll be able to re-sit and pass the ‘O’ Level I failed all those years ago!